“Anyone can make someone tired, but not everyone can make someone better.”
– Martin Rooney

I’ve been doing martial arts most of my life. I even belonged to several studios over the years, and even managed a Tae Kwon Do studio many years ago. I know how hard it is to find the right balance of atmosphere, technique and intensity especially when appealing to adult students. Some places offer good workouts, others focus more on producing fighters. Brood9 strikes the right balance of physical fitness and overall martial arts training with great instruction and camaraderie– Daniel Y.

This gym is amazing! Everyone is like family and the training is amazing. Love my companions and respect to the coaches for being for so wonderful, the patience and dedication you have to push us to be the best is amazing. Thank you Brood 9, wish I found this haven a long time ago. – Julio A.

I want give a massive thank you to the Coaches at Brood 9. My training has been, to say the least, a fantastic experience. Not only am I getting in the best shape of my life but I’m learning the traditional ways of the beautiful art of Muay Thai and all the respect and love that comes along with it. I have a deeper respect for the martial art of the Thai people through your deep knowledge and love of Muay Thai. In only a few short months that I have been training with Brood 9, my confidence has risen, my technique is becoming sharper and my stamina and conditioning is getting to a level I’ve never had. Not to mention meeting some really cool people to train with along the way. I have become so excited in training with Brood 9 that I have set a goal to be a part of the fight team in order to step in the ring. I cannot thank Brood 9 enough for all your motivation. I am looking forward to continuing my journey in the art of Muay Thai. – Alejandra C.

I have never met another coach, team or gym that could meet my standards for training. BROOD 9 IS OVER ALL THE BEST OF THE BEST. true facts! – Arturo A.

Brood 9 Martial arts is a great place to train. Great family atmosphere, no intimidation tactics, and amazing coaches. I walked in on my first day and everyone welcomed me in with open arms. The coaches do a great job of keeping everyone involved and focused and at the same time having fun! Brood9 offers a ton of resources to help you with your goals. I have no doubt that I will reach my weight loss goals training here at Brood 9! – Donald M. , Lomita, CA

Brood 9 has made me realize my potential. I have been eating better and living better lifestyle. Brood 9 is a family I love it everyone is amazing. The trainers are also very knowledgeable. I have been losing fat and gaining muscle and learning a lot. Can’t wait to see where this journey with brood 9 takes me. – Josh K, Lomita, CA

Coach Anthony is the best. He never broke me down but always broke me in. He challenged me every day and believed that I could do something that I was convinced I couldn’t do it. I did it. We did it. I had the best team I could ever have with coach Anthony, Darrell, and Tony.

Last set! Best set! – Jose C., Torrance, CA

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