Muay Thai

Muay Thai is an ancient Thai Martial Art of Self-Defense. It is the most effective proven method of using all parts of your body, such as hands, elbows, knees and feet to be your defending weapons.

Our classes incorporate the use of Heavy Bags, Pad Work, Kick Shields, Partner Work and Conditioning. These are for all levels.


Our Jiu-Jitsu classes are a combination of Coju‐Jitsu (Japanese), Brazilian Jiu‐Jitsu (BJJ) & Judo. We wear the traditional Kimono during these classes (Gi) and students will be offered the opportunity to earn belt levels. We go through effective ground grappling, throws, takedowns, sweeps and combining strikes with your grappling.


Pankration meaning “all powers” is derived from the ancient Greek Olympic Games. It is also known as the original mixed martial art, utilizing ground fighting techniques. Classes will be separated into the Striking aspects of Pankration utilizing ground strikes as well as stand up fighting, then the grappling (No‐Gi) of Pankration which is based off Greco‐Roman & Submission Wrestling.

Functional Strength & Conditioning

Intensive conditioning class designed to improve flexibility, strength and endurance. This full-body workout can be used as a pre‐class warm up or a quick fat burning exercise. Class will incorporate movements from MMA, Kickboxing, yoga, calisthenics, Strength training, weights and tumbling

Kickboxing Heavy Bag Class

Brood 9’s Kickboxing Heavy Bag Class will help you develop your cardiovascular fitness, balance, coordination, strength and agility, all while having an uplifting and fun class with social engagement and motivating music. Because no two classes are the same, your workouts will keep your body guessing for a dynamic and challenging experience. This is a great workout for any Fitness Level, as well as for Advanced Kick-boxers to hone their skills, and increase their conditioning with the Heavy Bag.  There is NO Sparring or Person to Person Contact in this class, only Use of the Heavy Bags and dynamic bodyweight movements .


This class allows beginners and advanced level students to test their sparring and grappling skills in a safe environment. Protective equipment will be required to attend this class.

Movement & Flow

This class is designed to get students more comfortable in their own body and movement. This will work people’s durability, mobility, strength, flexibility and conditioning, while improving body awareness all using their own bodyweight. We will do this through primal/animal movements, calisthenics, tumbling, groundwork, yoga, inversions and static holds, just to name a few.

The Kids MMA Program at Brood 9

Our Main goal with our Kids MMA program is about making a Positive Impact in your child’s life. We want to give them the tools to not only feel more confident physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Through all of the training they will receive here the Most Important aspect we want is for them to have Fun in a Safe and Family Friendly Environment.

We prepare the student with the basic knowledge of the Martial Arts to be combined into Mixed Martial Arts to graduate into our formal programs (once they have reached a certain level and age). Our kids love

to train and build life long friendships with their peers and our instructors are great Role Models for the students to be able to work with and help them achieve their goals.

Our Professional Instructors combine physical activity, fun and important life lessons to help children not only be great martial artists, but Healthy, Well-Rounded

Individuals and Future Leaders in the Community. We help you become the Super Hero you were meant to be.

Kids in our MMA Program will learn to BETTER THEMSELVES with:


In this program students will learn the basic aspects of Mixed Martial Arts including Muay Thai, Boxing and Jiu-JItsu. Through this their Main Focus will be on: