Anthony Eisenhower
Head Martial Arts Coach/Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach

Anthony Eisenhower has over 25 years of experience studying, practicing and coaching martial arts and fitness including Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Cojujitsu, Capoeira, Kenpo Karate, Gung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Savate, Pro Wrestling and Pankration. Anthony holds Blackbelts in Coju-jitsu and Tae Kwon Do as well as Level 2 Khru in Muay Thai. Anthony studied gymnastics at L.A. Valley College and dance at Loyola Marymount University with the purpose of increasing flexibility and endurance for competition. He competed as an amateur and pro in Muay Thai, ISKA Kickboxing, Pankration and MMA. Anthony also performs stunt and fight choreography for music videos, commercials and various film and television projects; past projects include Alias, Birds of Prey, Dark Angel and Power Rangers in Space (Did all the stunts for Blue Power Ranger).

Anthony is also the creator of the Brood 9 Stunt System, which is one of the few Stunt Certification classes taught for Physical stunt work. He has a DVD with the basics of this program through My Mad Methods Productions, and is a contributor to the My Mad Methods Magazine, Onnit Academy, Awake & Alive, Mad Fit Mag, MMA Business magazine, FitMedPro as well as other Fitness and MMA forums.

Certifications/Quick Breakdown

  • 2nd Degree BlackBelt Coju-jitsu
  • 1st Degree BlackBelt Tae-Kwon-Do
  • 1st Degree BlackBelt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (ISSA)
  • Training For Warriors Level 2 Certified Coach (TFW)
  • Combat Sports Academy Coach (CSA Gym)
  • Kettle-Jitsu, EKG & SGX Certified Coach
  • Onnit Academy Foundations Certified Coach (Onnit)
  • AFM Level 1 Certified Coach (Art of Functional Movement)
  • Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist (NESTA)
  • Certified Fitness, Wellness & Sports Nutritionist (AFPA)
  • Advanced First Aid/CPR Certified/AED (CPR Care)
  • Member Stuntman’s Association
  • Member Thai Boxing Association & US Muay Thai Federation (USMF)
  • Member USA Federation of Pankration Athlima (USAFPA)
  • Sponsored Athlete/Ambassador for MostFit, LIVESORE, Lucky Gi & OTM
  • Corporate Wellness Coaching (Clients such as RedBull, AYSO, Xerox, Lunchbox, Mirum)

Marlene Savala
Kickboxing, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Marlene Savala has been a fitness enthusiast for years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in history from UCLA, is a research Guru as well as nutrition certifications from AFPA & Personal training certifications through NESTA. She spent 9 years as a competitive swimmer before turning her attention towards the martial arts. She has been studying Muay Thai, Boxing and Fitness with Brood 9 Martial Arts for over 6 years, and has trained along side some of the top trainers throughout Southern California before deciding to get her certification through NESTA as a Personal Trainer & Muay Thai Fitness Coach.

She is a highly motivated nutrition coach and personal trainer. She works hard at making sure everyone reaches his or her goals through proper nutrition, fitness and wellness. Marlene is a fitness and nutrition success story as well, devoting herself to changing her way of life towards fitness and wellness. She is also an avid runner who loves competing in races throughout the Southern California.


  • Bachelor Degree – History (UCLA)
  • Fitness, Wellness & Sports Nutrition Certification (AFPA)
  • Certified Muay Thai Fitness Coach (NESTA)
  • Advanced First Aid/CPR/AED Certified (CPR CARE)
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA)
  • Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist (NESTA)
  • Certified Green Living Coach (NESTA)
  • Spencer Pilates Certified Instructor (NESTA)
  • REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ Certification
  • Nuun Hydration, Too Pretty Brand, Girls Run Fast & FitFAM Ambassador
  • Arbonne Independent Consultant

Danny Reed
Assistant Martial Arts Coach & Kid’s MMA Instructor

Danny Reed has been a part of Brood 9 since 2015 and trained in Martial Arts for some years before coming here. Danny shows every day that hard work pays it off with the skill he has acquired because of his work ethic and drive. Danny has high level training in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and Wrestling. He is also a Fitness Enthusiast and is working on his goals of better strength and conditioning through the Brood 9 Fitness program, as well as in competition. He is a current Jiu-JItsu, Muay Thai and Fitness Competitor and works towards higher goals in this every day. He has shown a passion for learning and teaching, especially with developing young athletes, so has started heading our Kid’s Program here at Brood 9. He is constantly trying to better himself in many ways, and working towards more certifications towards his passions of Health, Fitness and Nutrition all bettering the community around him.


  • Current Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Fitness Competitor
  • Certified Muay Thai Fitness Coach (NESTA)
  • Certified Green Living Coach (NESTA)
  • AFM Level 1 Certified Coach (Art of Functional Movement)
  • B9 Stunt System Certified
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified – CPR Care

Dimitri Matthews
Strength, Performance & Conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer

Dimitri has 16+ years of martial arts and fitness experience with formal training in BJJ, TKD, Kyokushin-Kai, Boxing, Judo and Freestyle/Greco-Roman Wrestling & Pro Wrestling. 7 years ago, along with his brother and sister, he started Tri Delta Performance Concepts (TDPC, a proud Brood 9 Martial Arts affiliate). Since the company’s inception, TDPC has worked with anyone looking to increase not only fitness, but performance. Dimitri also has experience in sports-specific drills, having worked with and coached athletes in BJJ, Boxing, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, Triathlons and even Cricket. He is an experienced competitor in Obstacle Course Races (OCR), Strength Competitions and an avid long distance runner.



  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (NFPT, Expert Rating & ACE)
  • Expert Rating Certified Master Trainer
  • AFM Level 1 Certified Coach (Art of Functional Movement)
  • Advanced First Aid/CPR Certified/AED (Red Cross)
  • Certified Level 1 Mace under Rik Brown
  • Corporate Wellness Coaching (RedBull, Kaiser Permanente, Gate Gourmet, Lunchbox)
  • Black Belt, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido
  • Black Belt, Kyokushin Karate

Danyelle Mathews
Personal Training & Wellness Coach

Danyelle Mathews is an ExpertRating and ACE certified Personal Trainer since 2009. She has formal training in and is a student in Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and submission grappling. She is a regular competitor in Long Distance Running and Obstacle Course Races, always looking for new ways to improve her craft.
As a weight loss success story herself, she has taken her experience and turned it into an opportunity to help her clients. She also has competed in multiple Strength Competitions as well as Martial Arts tournaments. Danyelle’s primary focus is on cardiovascular conditioning, weight maintenance and progressive strength.



  • ACE & Expert Rated Personal Training Certification
  • Advanced First Aid/CPR Certified/AED (Red Cross)
  • B9 Stunt System Certified
  • Certified Level 1 Mace under Rik Brown
  • 10+ years of Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu & Wrestling training
  • Current KB Sport Competitor and Long Distance Runner

Brenda Torres
Assistant Striking & Fight Team Coach

Brenda Torres has been a part of Brood 9 since 2015 and comes with not only a great martial arts background but has been a high level athlete for most of her life. Brenda was an Elite Level Basketball player since she was 9 years old and spent her High School career on Varsity all 4 years (Captain for 3 years) and was accepted into a Division 1 College with full scholarship (Cal State Northridge), which she is going towards a Kinesiology Degree. After her first year she suffered a Torn Rotator Cuff, which turned her Basketball Career on end. But instead of making it a setback, she turned to Muay Thai and Boxing, and has since been driven in her training as an elite Combat Sports Athlete and Fighter. Brenda already is a high level coach for High School Basketball and Accredited through the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations). She has won a total of 3 championships under her coaching for Basketball, and with her help we know she can take our Combat Sports Team to the next level. She is a driven athlete and coach and always looking to better herself in everything she does. She continues to compete in Muay Thai and Basketball, as well as work hard every day here at Brood 9.


  • Current Muay Thai and Kickboxing Competitor
  • NFHS Coach Certification (Basketball)
  • Certified Muay Thai Fitness Coach (NESTA)
  • Certified Green Living Coach (NESTA)
  • B9 Stunt System Certified
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified – Red Cross