Brood 9 originally came about from a group of friends that enjoyed training in the Martial Arts. They were all looking for more ways to learn and began working together to enhance their skills, this grew into a family, and eventually grew to it’s full fruition into a Martial Arts school. With training of over 15+ years we still hold true to it’s original form of bringing about learning and teaching in a family environment.


Currently Brood 9 has formed a full partnership with Tri-Delta Performance Concepts to build a bigger family of trainers to help develop students to their fullest . We now not only will be able to give professional training in multiple styles of martial arts, but with Tri-Delta’s proven track record in Personal Training, Therapy and Nutrition, we’ll be able to help people will all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.


Brood 9 Martial Arts goal is to ensure the best martial arts instruction in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. We will provide the guidelines that can assure excellence in teaching standards. Our students will have the training to build their self-confidence, character, and ability to defend themselves.

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